Monday, January 19, 2009


Fire Engine Boy

Who's this cute young man?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mama and PaPa Goose and Goslings

We spent a very hectic day in Madison a few weeks ago. We were lucky to find the Vilas Park Zoo and this wonderful little park across the street from it. There were seagulls and very tame Canadian geese with one very small family in tow. The Papa goose was very protective of his goslings. He was looking right at my camera. The waves on Lake Winga were pretty rough, the goslings didn't seem to mind the high waves and stuck very close to their parents.

Banjo Turtle Sighting

Hey guys, hang on to your hats because Grandma and Grandpa saw that banjo turtle again at the Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge. He was hanging out on the lilypads, singing his song and strumming his banjo. Bouong, bouong.....kind of that rubber band sound, the kind the big, bullfrogs make in the summer. But this was a turtle and he seemed to be enjoying the sunshine and the jumping fish. Here's a picture of where that turtle lives. He is pretty sneeky so we haven't gotten any pictures of him yet but we will be persistent and have one before the summer is over.

Can Idris find the banjo turtle in the lilypads?

Here is a picture of a pretty cute little man I know....

Where is the banjo turtle?

Where is the banjo turtle?

Banjo Turtle Land

Banjo Turtle Land